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Our mission is to provide patient and physician-centric care and increase direct-pay opportunities for our physician network. UBERDOC has partnered with NAOHP.

Additional Direct Pay Opportunities

In an effort to expand direct-pay opportunities, UBERDOC is now partnering with NAOHP, where qualifying practitioners have the opportunity to evaluate a variety of individuals including our nation's veterans, soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, Federal Air Marshals, Secret Service personnel and many others. Complete the form below to indicate your interest in this new program!

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What are the qualifications?

To be eligible you must have:

- MD, DO, PA, NP, or APRN with an unrestricted license

      -NP/APRN and PA's must be graduated from an ACEN, CCNE or NCCPA accredited school

- Specializing in any of the following with 2 Years of Resident Training in an Approved ACGME Training Program or 2 years of recent Postgraduate Clinical Work in an approved specialty:

Allergy and Immunology
Critical Care Medicine
Emergency Medicine
Family Medicine
Geriatric Medicine
Infectious Disease
Internal Medicine (1 year in Internship/1 Year in Residency)
Internal Medicine/Psychiatry
Med/Peds (Internal Medicine/ Pediatrics)
Occupational Medicine
Palliative Medicine
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PMR)
Public Health & Preventive Medicine
Pulmonary Disease
Sports Medicine

What is the pay rate? How many collaborations can I do a month?

Practitioners receive between $50-$600 per completed exam. Exam fees are determined by the type of exam necessary for each military member and your facility's capabilities. There is no maximum amount of appointments that you can accept per month.

How will I be documenting the exams?

All documentation will be done digitally, no faxing required.

Do I need an office to provide these exams?

Yes, these are in-person exams and you will be required to have your own office space to participate.